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Anikó Molnár

Performance and Sport Psychologist
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I. kerület - Krisztina körúti rendelő
Online rendelés
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Autogenic Training, Relaxation Method, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Katathym Imaginative Imagery
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I graduated in Developmental Psychology at ELTE, after the University of Economics. I wanted to become a doctor, but then my interest turned to psychology, but I also attended the Semmelweis University Medical School for a course or two. I was very interested in psychosomatic illnesses, so I ended up studying at the former OPNI, where I assisted in neuropsychological studies. I also gained experience in the Oncology Department of the Péterffy Sándor Street Hospital. I also studied Simonton therapy, which is used as a preferred treatment for cancer. But my real love became sports psychology, so I completed the ELTE Sport Psychology course and became a sports psychologist. I am particularly attracted to nature and outdoor sports in nature. I am also a rock climber, mountaineer, glider pilot and motorised airplane pilot. I have lived in Italy and France, where I regularly go gliding. I have also obtained my pilot's licence in Italian and French. I also take clients in French and English. I have been organising and leading professional training courses for companies and teams for almost 10 years, with outdoor activities. I have studied and enjoy using the relaxation method of Autogenic Training, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and KIP (Katathym Imaginative Picture Experience). I am currently studying Existential Psychological Therapy and Cognitive and Integrative Communication training.


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